Appearances of these enemiesEdit

Zombies conker

A zombie from Conker

only appear in chapter zombies, after talking to gregg death and give you a shotgun, later advance to a large door that opens, then go in and out of the tombs, there is his first appearance in the rest level always appear except in the part that you have to kill civilians attackers.


1-kill any species will be displayed next squirrel ozito panther, etc ...
2-just like meat

3-most are squirrels as in the video game there are more squirrels, then why there are many zombie squirrels, but never has been reported that the game has ozitos zombies or something. (there are some babies zombies, zombies that you kill the head explodes)
4-no mercy to anyone, not allied to anyone

Way to kill themEdit

1-with the bat can kill them, only that it is very difficult with this weapon if
2-with the gun that gives you gregg, it is best to kill them if