Richard Jones commander with the pack 12Edit

Richard Jones commander led a platoon in the first assault squad called the 12, along with his 7 men had gained entry to the base of the Tediz, all his men died there and was caught and tortured, then left him in a chair electricity, which would then conker and down one of two levers that were there, yet died with two down.

Death entering the world of zombiesEdit

really not much is known as income but the company say that Rare did a spell with dead cats to enter there, and when he did try to be entering the "Fish Cats" who had died because conker and a few minutes conker then would go through there and talk with death.

Conker rare building a wallEdit

At the start of the game conker, conker appeared in a bar, but the Japanese version, conker began dreaming of the rare wall, dreamed it up, and then got up and realized it was a dream, and then went the bar, do not know if it was something that took the game or the beginning of this video game ...


This is conker Rare raising the wall, in that such a dream start or canceled.