The Tediz are the main enemies in the capitullo It's war. They are enemies of the squirrels so they remain at war. The Tediz are patched teddy bears, which are armed with M4 rifles type in Chapter It's war, but in multiplayer mode can be armed with weapons ranging from katanas to bazookas and sniper rifles ... It is dangerous to get too close because you Tediz stick the knife and leave you ready to attack for a while. At the end of the chapter, squirrels are victorious llendose of the island that would be about to be detonated by the count that puts the wrist that controls the giant robot tedi. Its origin is a mystery for squirrels, but however this is explained in the game, are the creation of the weasel who serves the King Panther, called "Teacher", even this can be seen in one scene of the game where Professor complains and whispers in his laboratory the mistreatment that gives the Panther King, in the room you can see a bottle with a head of Tedi with electrodes.
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