Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker's Bad Fur Day is a Nintendo 64 game made ​​by Rareware that was marketed as a game "for adults." The main character is Conker the Squirrel, a Rare character who had appeared before in other games for children, as Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64 and Conker's Pocket Tales for Game Boy Color. Conker's Bad Fur Day has black humor, cartoonish violence and countless parodies. In 2005 he released a remake of the game for Xbox, with the name of Conker: Live & Reloaded.

The game mechanics takes the characteristics of the adventure genre, but it has variants for easy playability. For example, in many parts of platforms are marked with the letter "B" mark, and are used to perform many actions, which vary depending on the scenario (throwing knives, light a flamethrower, etc..). Also, unlike many games in the genre, the collection of items is limited to just collecting money, which is found in certain parts of the stage.
Another unique aspect to the title is that no individual enemies appear in the scenes, this means that Conker, along his adventure, facing only two types of enemies: Those who target group (wasps, bats, bears tedi murderers, etc..) and stage managers.
Conker's Bad Fur Day also features several multiplayer modes, from mode "deathmatch" to recreate scenes that unique situations, such as assault on a bank or a race on a track of lava. The player can also play alone, in this case competing with the characters of the CPU.

1 PlayerEdit

The game begins with Conker sitting on a throne with a glass of milk in hand and a frown (an allusion to the film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange), surrounded by some of the characters they will encounter throughout the game . Start talking, telling us that has a long story to tell, after which the door closes throne room.
In the next scene is Berri, Conker's girlfriend doing aerobics, in that moment the phone rings, which she can not hear because of the headphones that brings jobs. The person on the phone is Conker, who leaves a recorded message which explains that you will be late because the next day the soldiers leave for war. In the next scene shows Conker drunk trying to go home, taking any path.
While searching her way back home, take advantage to explore new areas and sites being available to those who need their help, in every scene different events occur, but curiously none of them is related to the purpose of the Panther King, order Conker capture for the repair of one of their tables. In fact, Conker realizes just what really happens when you are with the aforementioned villain as ever going to hear or think about their plans.
The game is divided into 11 chapters, which contain missions that may or may not unrelated. Some of them can be fulfilled at any time, while others follow one after another (for example the missions of the chapter "It's War") not allowing the player to advance to the next mission if you have not completed the mission in which is, or require large sums of money, which can not be achieved without having served a considerable amount of them. Between chapters can walk and perform the tasks when they have more experience / money.

The chapters are:

■ Hungover: Simply a training area for the player to learn the basic skills of Conker.

■ Windy: A prairie that has a giant mill, a factory of excrement and a hive of wasps.

■ Barn Boys: A farm that Conker must help several local characters.

■ Bats Tower: A spring in which Conker should help some cats fish recover a "great" fortune, but ultimately stays with her ​​because of her dissatisfaction with the outcome of the covenant.

■ Sloprano: The home of "Great Migthy Poo".

■ Uga Bugas: Volcano cave in which they live and where they kidnapped Berri.

■ Spooky: An abandoned cemetery in which Conker will have an appointment with an unedited version of Dracula.

■ It's War: A Military Island in which Conker tedi murderers will face bears (Tediz) rescue an old friend and flee before you reach a big explosion.

■ Heist: A bank that Conker and Berri assault, and the den of the Panther King and a hostile alien, the endgame bosses.


The game features seven modes of play:

■ Deathmatch: The player chooses between five scenarios, based on the story mode, and get weapons such as sniper rifle, magnum, flamethrower and pumps. to face opponents who may be the CPU or human players.

■ Heist: Four bands of thieves must reach the center of the vault of a bank and pick up bags of money to carry them safes.

■ Raptor: A cave have to steal dinosaur eggs from a mother to take them to a skillet, cook and eat. The mother has to carry the baby dinosaur cave to feed them. The side that wins the most points in time or so I get a number in free mode.

■ Beach: A French squirrels to cross a perimeter enemy to be moved, while bears perimeter Tediz try removing the squirrels before they get across.

■ War: There are two types: one is what military camp just more members of the other, and the second is which side more often rescues the flag in enemy territory.

■ Tank: The player must maneuver a tank for transporting radioactive material to detonate a key to the whole area and make the enemy tanks explode. The player must find a shelter to survive the explosion.

■ Race: The character involved in a dangerous race on a track that lava must attack their opponents to reach the finish line first, cavemen fighting to achieve it.

Parodied movies and gamesEdit

The game refers to several films such as Matrix, Conan the Barbarian, Dracula, Saving Private Ryan, Terminator, Gladiator, The Godfather, The Exorcist, Alien, A Clockwork Orange and Reservoir Dogs.
Also, cameos by referring to games like Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario, Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.