Conker the squirrel is a red squirrel and the main character in the video game series Conker's. It first appeared in the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing as a playable character and later earned a leading role in a game for Game Boy Color Conker's Pocket Tales. His first venture into 3D was in Conker's Bad Fur Day, which was different from the first two games, as he had received an ESRB rating of M for violence, blood, sexual themes, references to alcohol and obscene language.

History of characterEdit


Conker ready for combat on Nintendo 64.

Conker as a child always want to be rich and have money in droves, he grew up, and 25 years would pass on an event which he calls "A very bad day."

It began in a bar, drank to get drunk, and called his girlfriend to tell her berry was not going to get home that day, ended the call, and then left the bar, and headed down a path very unknown. The next day he woke up in a cave, which was a scarecrow and spoke with him and then went their way forward, came out of the cave but had to kill a gargoyle to do, then into a poop factory and helped the owner of the factory to close for good as it was running out of cows by a bull unclean, then into a cave of poop, and fought with a beast of poop and followed a path that led him to the world of cavemen, which had many problems, while he was a beast there had abducted berry rocka to take the caveman world and leave it as "dancer stripter" conker then find the help of the cavemen after taking it as a "god" and helped him get away with all the beasts that had rockas there, then enter the club and berry but would bail out another problem, this time with a mobster club owner who ordered him to destroy the world caveman with a pump, and did, place it in the center of the caveman world, and blew everything to the point where the lava swallowed the world, then come out of there and conker would be stolen by 4 cavemen survivors, conker would begin to kill those cavemen in a pursuit of death with lava skateboards, then conker recover all their money and return to the surface, which then would enter a farm and help all kinds of species are there in exchange for more $ $, and then did all the work and came out of there, then go where a mysterious barrel would give a trip in exchange for $ 10 000 $, and then did conker and barrel conker crashed and ended up in a large deep sleep and then waking in a a rod and get to a cursed world, where did all sorts of things out of there, came out and went to the military camp where he was forcibly recruited by a stroke, and awoke in a assault ship military uniform and went the assault, step by step began to have hard fighting, and made the basis of the ozitos ended in a huge explosion, and reaches the end where conker war then leaves and berry helps to rob a bank where they would meet after the king would die for and this panther poison and then there would a beast-like alien, this would have a confrontation with conker, conker would beat and using the software developer and end would be crowned king conker but this would be wrong and sad that when I talk to the software developer is not asked to relive berry and conker here and ends his day to be the king of all the earth and be sad forever by their greed.
200 years later, even as king, he fought in the war of the SHC (Hight Comand Squirrels) vs The Tediz, not knowing whether I survive or not.

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